Martes, Agosto 14, 2012

Some updates and a lot of Thank yous! :)

It took me a while before really updating this blog. I was busy doing many things especially editing the papers of my students both for the Earth Day Research Competition and for the Rio+20 Conference which were showcased by Astrid and Dr. Solid in their trip to Brazil. It was really an exciting experience and I should say that MyCOE has been a great learning experience for me, my students and fellow teachers from the Philippines. Allow me to outline the highlights of our experiences with our involvement in MyCOE since April of this year up to now.

We had a Skype session with Astrid, Ms. Kristi Fitch and some of our students. The skype session was mainly aimed to break the ice between the two sites and to talk about the projects that we are working on. 

I edited and continued mentoring my students in their research. Although it is summer vacation for my students, most of them opted to really come to school during some days to edit their projects. 

My students' project entitled "Talomo River over The Years: Davao City's Primary Water Source" won in the Earth Day Research Competition for the high School Category. My Students were very happy that their project won and that really made them and especially me more inspired to create relevant researches.

The Rio+20 Research Competition also began.

I also applied for Mini grants for more research projects with MyCOE.

Two groups of my research Advisees won in the Rio+20 Research Competition.
1. Hazards Map of Davao City won in the Hazards Category for the High School Competition
2. Correlation between the Philippine Science Students Annual Family Income and Carbon Footprint won in the High School Category for the High School Competition

MyCOE granted three out of four projects proposals that i submitted for funding and i am currently working on the implementation of these projects.

I really had a lot of first times with MyCOE ever since Ma'am Rochelle Papasin asked me to join the team. I had my first international exchanges, international awards, international linkages, and international research grant all because of the initiatives and efforts of MyCOE to link different places all over the world to collaborate in doing sustainable projects to preserve our world. For that MyCOE deserves a biground of applause.

Thank yous:
These experiences would never be possible without the following individuals and institutions which are worthy to be recognized and be thanked:

1. MyCOE for all their support, love, and trust in my students and in me. Thank you very much! I will forever treasure this experience! This is truly an enriching, life giving and life changing experience for a teacher like me. Hopefully, our projects would truly make a difference in the lives of our target beneficiaries.

2. To Ma'am Rochelle Papasin for choosing me to become one of the MyCOE teachers in the Philippines. Thank you ma'am for the trust and for this opportunity.

3. To my students for their hardwork and enthusiasm to really make a difference. Continue to have the idealism. Believe that we can make a difference in our community and i hope that the things that i shared to you will be forever be with you (and hopefully you improve on it) so that you can create greater impact to our country and to the world!

4. To God for allowing all these wonderful experiences to happen to my life. All honor and glory be yours o God! :)

At this point, I am focusing my attention in the implementation of the projects that were given funds by MyCOE. Hopefully, we can really make a difference!

-Michael A. Casas :)