Lunes, Disyembre 3, 2012

Science Camp 2012: Green Science in Action

Last September 20-21, 2012, the Math-Sci Club of the Philippine Science High School- Southern Mindanao Campus sponsored the Science Camp 2012 with the theme "Green Science in Action." The Green Science Camp is a two day overnight activity. This activity was funded by the My Community our Earth with the goal of immersing students to a fun-filled engaging and interesting Science camp that will allow them to learn the basics of Green Science through seminars and various activities.

The "photo-essay" featured in this post will present the activities that took place during the Green Science Camp.

Science Camp 2012: Day 1
Program of Activities:

7:30-8:00                   Assembly at the Gym
8:00-9:45                   Opening Program
9:45-10:00                 Break
10:00-12:00               Green Science Seminar Workshop
12:00-1:00                 Lunch Break and Sub-Camp Preparations
1:00-5:00                   Think Green Challenge (working break in between)
5:00-5:30                   Final Rehearsals and Preparations for Sci-Musical
5:30-6:30                   Dinner
6:45-9:00                   Green Science Night and Sci-Musical
9:00- 9:30                  Restoration and Preparation of quarters
9:30                            Lights off

Day 1 started with the opening program, where students from the 6 subcamps...

recited the oath of sportsmanship to seal their commitment to play the games fair and at their best.

Ma'am Rochelle Papasin shared an inpirational message about environmental protection and the MyCOE program.

Our director, Mrs. Delia Legaspino formally opened the Science Camp.

representatives from each subcamp also did the flag relay- an alternative of the flag raising to boost the morale of each subcamp to start the Sci camp right.

Each subcamp also presented their cheer dance...

And their club "models" who represents their subcamp also walked down the aisle.

 After the openign program, our first guest speaker, Mrs. Teopista Villanaba talked about the role of Green Science and Research

After the talk, Mrs. Villanaba divided the big group to smaller groups for a workshop wherein students made ref butterfly magnets from waste materials.
The students' outputs are displayed...

In the afternoon, Sean and Vincent from the Rotterdam University shared their research on Water Management to the PSHS-Students

Students had the chance to ask questions and learn more about their research...

After the plenary session, students were divided into smaller groups for the Think Green Challenge- they made their flags, finalized their MyCOE projects, made paintings and installation arts (made of waste materials) that will symbolize Green Science.

In the evening, students participated in a commitment rites around the bonfire to show their sincerity in living a "Green Lifestyle"
Moreover, students also presented their creative Sci-Musicals on Green Science and Environmental preservation...

Science Camp 2012: Day 2
Program of Activities:
5:30                            Wake-up call
5:30-6:30                   Breakfast and Preparations
6:30- 6:50                  Morning Praise
6:50-7:30                   Morning Exercise
7:30-7:45                   Strategic Planning Per subcamp for the Amazing Race
7:45-9:45                   The Amazing Green Race
9:45-10:00                 Break
10:00-12:00               Kusina Master Search 
12:00-1:00                 Piging sa Pisay
1:00-1:30                   Launching of the Green Gallery
1:30- 2:30                  Palarong Agham (Pinoy Henyo and Pera o Bayong)
2:30-3:00                   Restoration of Quarters
3:00-4:30                   Closing Program

On the Second day...

Students had their warm-up for the Amazing Green Race...
And the students run to the different stations of the amazing race to do the special tasks prepared.

At noon, students cooked their food as part of their Camping challenge.

Finally, to end the camp, winners of the various activities were given awards and recognition! Congratulations everyone! :)

It was indeed a memorable and fun Science Camp. The students enjoyed the activity while learning many things.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Thank you Math-Sci club for the help. Thank you to Maam Rochelle for all the guidance. Thank you for the MANCOM for all the support. Thank you to MyCOE for all the love, support and funding that you have given to this activity!

Thank you very much!

-Michael Casas