Lunes, Marso 12, 2012

The Participating Students from the Philippines and Their Projects

I am now presenting my students and the projects that they are pursuing:

1. Davao City’s Sustainability Map

This project seeks to create a map of the environment friendly practices that is being done in Davao city. The proponents of this research are Ernest Pineda, Lemuel Samson, Jameel Mamogkat,m Carlos Pimentel and Camille Casas.

2. Correlation Of The Water Quality, The Economic Activity, The Annual Food Consumption And The Human Population Along The Talomo River
 This research will look at the important factors that affect the condition of the Talomo river which is the main source of potable water in Davao city. The proponents of this research are Deme Rafael Abayon, Alden Gene Camahalan, Gabriel Narce, Frances Elaine Demata, and Riva Karyl Varela. 

3. Carbon Dioxide Emission Survey on the Household of PSHS-SMC Students
 This project seeks to monitor and create a profile of the carbon dioxide levels being contributed by students from PSHS-SMC in relation to their economic status. The proponents of the study are Geremy Fe A. Josol, Dorothy Ann Ong, Marian Isabel Yu, Trenah Batulan, Cathy Claire Langahid, Japhet Taula and Hannah Amoncio. 

4. Correlation between land use, population, wastes and deforestation and their effects to Davao City’s flood vulnerability Index
This research seeks to determine the impacts of land use, population, waste and deforestation on the flood vulnerability index in Davao City. The proponents of this research are Kyle Adrian Basan, April Clydel Velarde, Angel Lou Baladiang, Debbie Rose Cagas, and Sherrie Gaile Morales. 

5. Geohazard Map of Davao City
The study seeks to prepare an earthquake and landslide map of Davao city so as to make people aware of the risks associated with various establishments and areas in the city. The proponents of this research are Priete, Ivanka, Biaca, Reinna, Loquero, Cassandra, Caber, Christylene, and Cortez, Bethune. 

The proponents of this study are Jade Ruyeras, Milliem Reyes, Lance Deligero, Ella Bentulan, and Mia Labradores. 

As the research adviser of these students, it is both challenging and exciting to mentor students in doing projects related to geography. Being a science high school, we have been accustomed to doing researches that involve laboratory work. But these projects are different and these will be very exciting since our students will be exposed to a new approach to finding solutions to the pressing issues in our community. 

To the teachers from other sites, my students and I will be very glad to learn from you and conduct exchanges with your students. We welcome your comments and suggestions so that we can improve our projects and that we can broaden the scope of our researches. 


-Michael A. Casas

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  2. Thank you for your kind words Mr. Javier! :)

  3. Hello, I just want to congratulate this students for the success that you've made and I am glad that I came across to your post. Keep it up girls and thank you for sharing this with us.

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