Miyerkules, Marso 14, 2012

Updates and Resources for Students

Last Monday, i had a meeting with my students and they gave me updates regarding their projects. So far, they are busy now in data gathering and in editing their paper. Hopefully, we can turn in our projects by next week as the soonest time or next next week as the latest time.

I am also posting here some helpful links related to the MyCOE and the Rio + 20 event which can guide students in the conduct of their projects:

1. This is the link stating the partnership for engagement of MyCOE in the Rio + 20.

2. These is a map where you can click the "buttons" to read on some featured MyCOE projects done in the past:

3. This is the Rio + 20 website:

4. The Rio+20 institutional framework for sustainable development

5. Green economy practices policies and initiatives all over the world:

6. Compilation of documents submitted for the Rio+20 summit:

7. This is a link to the "Messages to the world" where you can put your message to the world on your views on sustainable development.

Have fun exploring these links! :)

-Michael Casas-

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